Visiting and Getting Around Indonesia

An extensive transportation network provides access to all but the most secluded of places in Indonesia. Flaying is by far the most convenient way of hopping across the archipelago with a choice of flights from airports in all provincial and district capitals. Garuda Indonesia is the national flag carrier and the most well known Indonesian airline, serving international as well as major domestic trunk routes. Merpati Nusantara has taken over of Garuda's domestic routes and now flies to more than 125 destinations all over country. Other airlines include Bouraq which serves major domestic routes as well as international ones to Singapore. Lion Air, Batavia, Adam Air, Bouraq and Mandala Airlines are also domestic carriers and they complete the archipelago's comprehensive airline network.

Although flying can be quick and convenient it doesn't really provide some opportunities as traveling overland to experience and feel the quintessential spirit of Indonesia.

Trains are available throughout Java and in parts of Sumatra and are invariably enjoyable ways to experience the essence of the country. Comfortable, air conditioned trains are available, particularly on those services that connect Central and East Java with the capital city of Jakarta, including the Bima Trains (via Yogyakarta and Surakarta), the Argo Bromo Anggrek (via Semarang to Surabaya) and the Parahyangan services (from Jakarta to Bandung). Local trains are also available but are generally non-air conditioned. Buses are convenient and relatively cheap way to travel across this fascinating country.

This is Indonesia

Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago. It is comprises 17,508 islands thath stretch across the equator. There are 5 mine islands and 30 smaller archipelagoes. The main islands in order of size are Kalimantan, Sumatra, Papua, Sulawesi and Java. The most populated island in Indonesia is Java.

Indonesia is the most volcanic country on earth with 128 volcanoes, and has a dry season and rainy season.

Most of the country mountainous with a number of unique species of animal and plant that are found nowhere eise in the world. An extensive assortment of tropical and sub-tropical fruit and vegetables can also be found year-round to tantalize your taste buds.

Indonesia is one of the most recommended surfing destinations in the world. Exotic white-sand beaches reach towards warm tropical seas teeming with coral and a marvelous variety of marine life in some of the most colorful, breathtaking sea gardens in the world.

More than 480 etnic groups display a rich variety of customs, religions, languages (approximately 583) and dialects.

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