Tortor Dance From Tapanuli

One of the traditional dances in Indonesia is Tortor Dance of the Batak people of Tapanuli - North Sumatra.

Tortor Dance played by traditional musical instruments such as gondang, Batak traditional trumpet, flute, and others.

According to the history, Tortor Dance played in rituals associated with spirits, where the spirits are invited and enter into the stone statues, then the statue was moved like dancing but his movements stiff.

Types of Tortor Dance also vary, there is the so-called Tortor Pangurason which means dance cleaning. This dance held at a large party before the party began, whichever the location of the party cleaned by using lime to far from danger.

There are also Tortor Sipitu Cawan, which means Dance of the seven bowls. As usually this dance held during the inauguration of a king.

Then Tortor Single Panaluan is a cultural ritual, usually held if a disaster-stricken village.

Tortor today for the Batak society became an art and no longer just assumed with the spirit world.

Want to watch Tortor Dance? Come to the land of Batak in Tapanuli…!

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